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:: version 1.1.5 :: Oct 27, 2018

:: New ::
We added a new Job Backup process that lets you take a snapshot of all the contents of your Jobs and Settings in order to migrate to a new iPad.
Shapefile preview images
Open Shapefiles globally (not assigned to a Job)
Privacy Policy

:: Improved ::
Support for iOS 12
Landing strips can now be edited and deleted
Ability to open Shapefile zip with directories inside
When the new job form is presented, the job name field is auto-selected and highlighted for instant input
Target Rate is displayed at the bottom of the screen with other details about the current Job
Interior polygons can be displayed from Shapefiles
Move the simulation switch / speed out of the flow instrument tile and into the GPS instrument tile

:: Fixed ::
Fixes the occasional inability to connect to Lightbar’s Wi-Fi when transferring files or loading firmware
Fixed the crash when using snapshots on first launch
Editing the values of a Landing Strip no longer scrolls the edit values off the top of the screen, so you can now see them while editing
Aircraft marker on the map is no longer displayed in the default position of 0,0 before there is a valid GPS position
Bug fixes to ensure that the FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) update availability is correctly shown if there is a hub update (and only a hub update)