AgPilotX is a new and innovative guidance system built by Insero for aerial applicators.  It uses 3 simple, wireless components to accomplish everything a pilot needs – 1) a Lightbar, 2) a Hub and 3) an Apple iPad.  All the components are “smart” meaning they run off their own computer and work independently of the other devices.  All 3 devices work in concert and communicate to each other wirelessly.

The Lightbar contains the GPS/GNSS and logs all the data.  The Hub connects all the switches (e.g. Swath Advance, Swath Decrement, Spray On/Off) and peripherals (e.g. Dry Controllers, Laser Altimeter, etc).  The iPad runs the interfacing software through an Apple App and this lets the user change the settings that are kept on the Lightbar.  All logs are saved as unique Jobs and can be returned to at any time.  The Jobs can be held on the iPad so you can review them in the office or email them at any time.

The AgPilotX System includes the latest cell-based Apple iPad Pro with the AgPilotX App pre-loaded.  Any time a software update is available, it will prompt the user to update with one button push.  Additionally, you can download the free AgPilotX App from the Apple App Store onto any Apple device.

The latest iPad Pro has a high bright screen that is visible in direct sunlight and Apple has focused on better heat dissipation to prevent iPad overheating.  Additionally, the AgPilotX Lightbar is not dependent upon the iPad to operate and will continue to work the active Job even if you start using a different App or even shut the Apple device completely off.


AgPilotX drives the Guidance System through any Apple device.  Wirelessly connect to the Lightbar and Hub.  View your spray screen with imagery background (Apple Maps).


Connect switches, meter and valve to the hub.  No more bulky cables and oversized connectors – all cables can be cut to length so no more extra cables in the aircraft.

GNSS Guidance


Wireless Lightbar with GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) and Antenna built in. Completely wireless communication. Lightbar only needs power and ground.

Flow Control

Built in flow control and auto boom available. Use your existing meter and valve or upgrade to our Electromagnetic Meter (No moving turbine).

Optional Live Tracking

Track aircraft from anywhere through the cell modem of the Apple device.  Simply connect your iPad to a cell carrier and login to AgHippo LIVE.  Instantly send files from any location to AgPilotX.